When to Leave your 9-5

So, let’s get real. You want to leave your 9-5. I’m here to give you my personal advice on when and how to leave your 9-5. The idea of leaving your job is there, but it is SCARY. Like crazyyyy scary! When leaving your 9-5 job there are some questions that tend to run through your mind. How will I make money? Will I ever make what I’m making right now? How will I live without my weekly paychecks? What […]

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Trendy Fall Outfits on A Budget

Trendy Fall Outfits on a Budget These days I’m watching my budget a little more and that means I can’t splurge on new clothes (not like I ever had, but I’m def more conscious of it right now). So why not share some trendy fall outfits you can buy on a budget! Even though we see photos of bloggers and women dressed in designer hand bags, Gucci belts, and I don’t even know what else, there ARE still affordable options […]

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Luxe Swimwear

One One Swimwear – A luxury Brand As a lot of you ladies know, while I was in Tulum, Mexico I was wearing a lot of One One Swimwear pieces. Recently, I had been having a lot of trouble finding bikinis that I love online. The second I came across One One Swimwear, I knew I would love them! They have so many different styles to choose from between cheeky and covered bottoms. These bikinis fit like a globe and […]

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