Trendy Fall Outfits on A Budget

Trendy Fall Outfits on a Budget These days I’m watching my budget a little more and that means I can’t splurge on new clothes (not like I ever had, but I’m def more conscious of it right now). So why not share some trendy fall outfits you can buy on a budget! Even though we see photos of bloggers and women dressed in designer hand bags, Gucci belts, and I don’t even know what else, there ARE still affordable options […]

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Luxe Swimwear

One One Swimwear – A luxury Brand As a lot of you ladies know, while I was in Tulum, Mexico I was wearing a lot of One One Swimwear pieces. Recently, I had been having a lot of trouble finding bikinis that I love online. The second I came across One One Swimwear, I knew I would love them! They have so many different styles to choose from between cheeky and covered bottoms. These bikinis fit like a globe and […]

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The Most Romantic Trip

If you and your loved one are looking for the most romantic trip in Costa Rica, I highly recommend staying at Vista Celestial. Vista Celestial has the most unique villas I have ever seen and or stayed at. I don’t think I could have dreamed up a more beautiful villa. Vista’s villas were spacious and overlooking BOTH the rainforest and the ocean (seriously, how is this even possible). We later found out this spot was chosen because the two owners […]

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