Sponsored stay at the Kimpton Shorebreak| Huntington Beach,CA

Where do I even start?! The Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach is amazing. It is vibrant, fun, and has a lot to offer. They had the most wonderful, welcoming staff. When we arrived we were greeted by an employee named Cameron and he gave us the lowdown on the hotel and the surrounding beach town. Shorebreak provided us with chairs, towels, sunscreen and even beach games for days when we wanted to go to the beach. Yes, they provide EVERYTHING for you. The hotel also has bikes for guests to ride around town and a complementary wine hour every night from 5-6 pm. As you can imagine, I was over the moon thrilled to hear about this wine hour.
Kimpton Shorebreak HotelSMLXL

(The picture below is from The Shorebreak Hotel wine hour with their luxurious fire pits)

After we checked in, we headed up to our room where the first thing out of my mouth was probably some loud squeal because I was so excited. I mean who wouldn’t be excited when you have a view of Huntington Beach and a palm tree right outside your window. Not to mention I had this view from my bed too..how cool!!
The bed was so comfy I honestly could have laid in it all day. But let’s be real, if I’m near a beach, there is no way I could be in bed all day. The bed was covered in soft white sheets with a fluffy down comforter. This made for the perfect end to a sun-filled beach day.
The room was pristine and had a perfect amount of space.
We enjoyed a delicious bloody mary from the hotel’s newly renovated restaurant where we were graced with quick service and pleasant bartenders.
What appealed to me most about this hotel was how close it was to the beach. It was walking distance.  All I had to do was walk out of the hotel, and cross the stree and I would be at the beach. The location is 100% worth the visit.
(The picture below is taken from the ocean shoreline at Huntington Beach)

 We would wind our day down making s’mores by the fire in the outdoor common room while drinking a bottle of wine.  The hotel offered s’more hour between the hours of eight and eleven so we definitely took advantage of that pleasant surprise and ate a few s’mores.
I had the most relaxing and enjoyable time at the luxurious Kimpton Shorebreak Hotel and I can honestly say, I can’t want to be back 🙂

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