The Struggle of Dreaming Big

So I have been doing a lot of thinking recently. I am someone with a huge heart, big dreams and little patience. If I have realized anything over this past year of ups and downs of blogging it is to celebrate the smallIMG_9497.JPG achievements, the small goals. 

My tip #1 for dreaming big is to set small goals and celebrate them when they are accomplished. I tended to always move onto the next best thing instead of giving myself a pat on the back for reaching this small milestone.

I also have a full time job and it isteaching none the less. This job consumes my day. It is not a job where I can just sit at a desk the entire time. This means tip #2 is side hustling. It is important to test the market you want to dive into before you cut off all cords at your full time job (or so I think). People may tell you differently, but this is just me being open and honest.

Tip #3 is really to just be yourself. Your full authentic self. Otherwise, what’s the point? Who are you if you are trying to be someone else? You are not fulfilling your life purpose if you are trying to be someone other than yourself. Be brave enough to follow your dreams. Be brave enough to BE YOU. Be brave enough to love yourself more than anyone else loves you.

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