New Algorithm- 3 ways to Improve your engagement

Yup. It’s true the algorithm has changed again! I know, I know, I keep thinking this is going to hurt Instagram too and Instagram is going to die off. But WRONG. I have been doing a lot of reading and speaking with other bloggers/instagrammers about the algorithm and I want to share with you the important takeaways.


  1. Your engagement matters! YOU need to be engaging with your followers as well. It is a SOCIAL platform, so if you are not socializing and engaging with others, they will not engage with you. Plain and simple.
    • Immediately, your post is shared with 10% of your followers (I know, sucks). Then, depending on how your post does in these few minutes with your 10%, the algorithm/instagram decides to show your post to the other 90% of your followers.
    • Here’s what this means and how you can ensure you get the most for every post.
      • Respond to ALL comments. Right away.
      • Respond to all DMS right away.
    • Instagram favors your engagement as well. So the more you are engaging with other accounts, the more favorable you will be for Instagram. The reason behind this is simple. Instagram wants to remain the most influential social platform. In order to do this, Instagram needs its users to be on the platform more than any other platform. Instagram ensures this to work by rewarding those who engage the most on Instagram. Because if YOU engage, YOU are helping Instagram remain relevant and important.
  2. Instagram Stories are critical in 2018. Instagram stores are a way to give a behind the scenes look into your IG feed. While yes, people love seeing your pictures and beautiful curated shots, they want to know stories! They want to know your story and stories behind your pictures. The more you engage on stories, the more your followers will have the opportunity to connect and relate to you.
    • The more you post on your stories, the more your story will remain in the front of peoples Home Page. Think about it, the more someone sees your name pop up, the more likely they are to engage with your content on a daily basis.
    • Use hashtags in your stories! You can use up to 10 !
      • Sneaky Trick: Make your hashtags so small that no one can see. This way your stories don’t look spammy and your followers can continue to enjoy them.
  3. Hashtags
    • Remember when people told you to put your hashtags in the comment section of your post to not look spammy. Well don’t do that anymore!! Instagram will shadowban you if you put your hashtags in the comment section. So now your hashtags need to be in the caption section.
      • You can use up to 30 hashtags in your CAPTION

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