March Madness

In my opinion, March is the longest month EVER. This wouldn’t seem to be a problem if I weren’t in the profession that I am. I am a teacher which means march is the month of NO BREAKS. Nothing. Nada. 31 straight days of school, kiddos, and stress.

March is also my birthday month. However, my birthday is on March 1 so there is really the whole rest of the month after that.

I live in a small town that I find very uninspiring during the winter times. It is grey, rainy (should be more snowy) and long. As a content creator I realized that I agreed to a lot of campaigns that I realistically can’t even shoot due to the grey weather. I enjoy bright, happy photos and the weather really makes it challenging at times.

SO in place of my creative outlet for the month of march I will be doing March Madness – gym style.

I will be going to the gym every day for the month of March and creating and sharing my workouts with you all. They will be shared on my stories and I am debating starting to share on my Instagram page..we will see how that goes.

Going to the gym gets the endorphins going and really puts me in a better mood. And if it doesn’t put me in a better mood it at least makes me feel better about myself for that day.

So lets do it together. March Madness – Gym Style!

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