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HAPPY WEEKEND! Today we are checking in with @the_wandering_tourist. @The_wandering_tourist is a feature account that has grown to 24k in about two years and continues to grow. Learn more about who runs The Wandering Tourist and how your picture could be the next featured picture!
Behind the Scenes with  @the_wandering_tourist
Hey Liam I’m so happy to have you here with “Behind The Scenes” Interview with @christyleigh_. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself? (i.e. hobbies, jobs, family, adventure, dreams, jokes)

Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself? (i.e. hobbies, jobs, family, adventure, dreams, jokes)

Hey everyone! My name is Liam and I currently live downtown Toronto, Canada. My current 9-5 is working at a law firm that a friend and I created. At a very young age I was given the opportunity to travel and ever since I have been wanting more! 

What inspired you to create an account that features other travelers? And did you always know you wanted to create this account?

Well to be honest, my account started off with showcasing photos that I took on my travels. The problem was I ran out really quick! So, I started to search Instagram to find other photos that I thought were nice! Soon after, people started to reach out to me asking if I would re-post their photos! I finally decided to spend some time on my Instagram page and ever since it has been growing at a steady rate thanks to my wonderful followers. 

How do you choose which photos you want to feature? And what do other accounts need to do to have the chance to be featured?

 When I’m deciding on a photo to feature or to give an account a shoutout, I first look to see if they have been engaging on my previous photos. Then, I try to select a photo of a destination I would love to travel to or where I think people might like to travel! I also try to select photos that might get a reaction out of someone. You want your followers to smile, laugh or just be amazed when they look at the photo. 

How long have you been running this account and what inspired you to create your Instagramaccount?

 I started my account on February 17, 2016 (yes I just checked). At the beginning, I was inspired to showcase my photos. Now, I think the purpose of my account is to inspire people to get out and travel. I truly hope another purpose of this account is to give people the motivation to work as hard as they can, so they can enjoy their dream vacation! A week long vacation with someone you care about is better than any object you could buy!

Does being a lawyer and maintaining the busy schedule you have allow you any time to travel? And if so, where has your favorite destination been?

 Surprisingly it does! I always make sure that I set aside two times during the year so I can enjoy a 7-14 day vacation! I also try to get away for a long weekend here or there. I would have to say that one of my favourite travel destinations is Costa Rica! If you have never been, I would highly recommend looking into Costa Rica as your next travel destination. If you ever have any questions of where you should go, please feel free to send me a DM! 

What is your all time bucketlist spot and why?

 My all time bucket list spot was Egypt! I did a research project on Egypt when I was younger and was always interested in the Pyramids. I can assure you Egypt did not disappoint – seeing the Pyramids up close is something I will never forget and still to this day never understand.

Next on my bucket list is China! I’m absolutely amazed by the culture, food and landscapes!

Being a relatively new account, how do you manage to continuously grow your following? 

I think just posting relevant, vibrant content that interests people! It comes back to motivating people to work hard to travel! I also select hashtags that will also improve my following and allow me to be featured as a top post!


It was so nice to chat with Liam, who runs The Wandering Tourist and learn more about his day to day life and adventures! I can’t wait to see where The Wandering Tourist goes to next



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