How I Take My Pictures When I Travel

Guys, for those of you following me along on insta you know that I have just landed back in the US not even 24 hours ago and more on that to come…

One of the BIG QUESTIONS I get is who takes all of my pictures and I want to share my tricks with YOU! C4774483-EE05-4205-818F-065CFB9CEBD4.jpg

So I’ll start off with the obvious then i’ll get to the magic at the bottom of the page.

  1. Have someone you’re with take your photo.

DUH- this seems like the most logical thing to do. Scope out the area and pick where you want to take some photos. Then ask the person you’re with to take your photo.

For me, it is usually Andrew or my mom who I have take my picture. I always set up ‘continuous shooting’ on my phone so that they just need to hold down a button and I can get many different poses in to one small session (I usually like one to two pictures out of the 20 pictures they take for that one shot lol).

2. Use a tripod

I LOVE my tripod and it has made things so easy for me. It’s like my boyfriend when my boyfriend isn’t around. To check out my tripod click here.

I easily set up my tripod on self timer, walk to my desired location (quickly) and pose for the shot, check it and most likely do it all over again. This is such a simple way to get a shot you’re looking for.

The best part about using a tripod is that you can angle it however you want to. I can have it shoot down low, I can have it hang overhead for an overhead picture or I can have the tripod pointing down. So tripods are incredibly flexible and help you get whatever shot you desire.


3. Use your resources

So I feel like I’m lucky because I grew up in a family where if something didn’t work, there was always a way to MAKE it work. So this is my favorite.

I have used rocks, sandals, boxes, flag poles and more to set up my camera (both phone and camera). Ideally, you want to get the camera up high enough so it doesn’t look like the photo is being taken from the ground. So stack a few things UP! Whether its boxes, rocks, chairs, use whatever you have around you to get that camera off the ground! Then place your camera on top and you’re ready to go. Don’t worry about if the picture isn’t perfectly straight, that is something you can always edit later on. Also, make sure that you are far enough away in the shot so that if you need to crop it, you will not crop part of your body out of the picture!

So THAT’S IT! A few easy tips and tricks to getting the perfect shot when you’re traveling with someone or traveling alone!



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