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One of the most asked questions I get is “how do you collaborate with hotels”. Well, as a travel blogger you CAN do this and you should be doing this. The words travel blogger and influencer are thrown around all to similarly now so I am using travel blogger in this case. This article is all about my first hotel collaboration as a micro travel blogger. I promise you, if this first paragraph is all you read, you DO NOT need to have a lot of Instagram followers to make this happen!

SO here is my story…

Last April, Andrew and I planned a trip to California to road trip down from LA to San Diego.  A few weeks before we left, I half heartedly reached out to a few hotels to see if we would be able to stay there and capture some of the stay via instagram in exchange for a discounted rate.

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This was my first attempt at collaborating with hotels so I honestly didn’t really know what I was doing but hey, it was worth a shot. I also only had 8,000 followers at the time. I threw this number in there because so many people reach out to me an ask when they can start reaching out to hotels, and I say whenever you want.

A few days later there was an email in my inbox agreeing to collaborate. The hotel offered one free night and one night at a discounted press rate in exchange for a few pictures of the hotel. We immediately agreed to the stay and collaboration. It was so exciting.

The point of this article is to tell you that you CAN collaborate. You CAN work with those dream hotels and destinations, you just need to put yourself out there. If you don’t send that email or make that phone call you will NEVER KNOW. How can you live with yourself if you don’t even try to pursue that dream of yours.

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For my first hotel collaboration, as a mentioned, I had 8,000 followers. And I GOT A DEAL! You do not need thousands and thousands of followers before you reach out to a hotel. You just need to do it and be confident in your pitch. Confidence is key!

Go Get ‘Em!



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  1. LOVE this! And you are so very right. I think what many of us lack is confidence–bottom line. And you have absolutely NOTHING to lose by pitching to some hotel brands. So glad to hear you were able to make this collaboration and thanks for sharing this awesome news 🙂

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