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One One Swimwear – A luxury Brand

As a lot of you ladies know, while I was in Tulum, Mexico I was wearing a lot of One One Swimwear pieces. Recently, I had been having a lot of trouble finding bikinis that I love online. The second I came across One One Swimwear, I knew I would love them! They have so many different styles to choose from between cheeky and covered bottoms.


These bikinis fit like a globe and I never found myself readjusting.

My favorite aspect about these bikinis though, were the COLORS! I am such a colorful person and I really enjoy unique bathing suits. I see so many girls wear the same version of the same bathing suits and (YAWN) it gets boring.


One One Swimwear has unique colors with unique cuts in all of their suits which is why I love them so much. I feel like these bikinis are a hidden gem in the world of bikinis.IMG_3471-2


So girls, if you’re reading this, go check it out 🙂




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