When to Leave your 9-5

So, let’s get real. You want to leave your 9-5. I’m here to give you my personal advice on when and how to leave your 9-5. The idea of leaving your job is there, but it is SCARY. Like crazyyyy scary!
When leaving your 9-5 job there are some questions that tend to run through your mind. How will I make money? Will I ever make what I’m making right now? How will I live without my weekly paychecks? What will my friends and family think of me? My friends aren’t doing this…
Let me guess, these are some of the thoughts running through your head right now about leaving your 9-5. I know that they are because guess what? These were the exact thoughts running through my mind. I was on a podcast last night where I was being interviewed and one of the questions I recieved was:
How do you know when to leave your full time job?
My answer (as I started heating up with passion inside) was “you will know”. When you want something more than you are afraid of it, it is time. When you can’t stand the thought of the “what if” question you will ask yourself in 10 years, it’s time.
How I ended up leaving my 9-5
I was on this fence for about two years before it happened. I finally reached this breaking point where I was trying to live two lives. I was trying to travel and blog about it but I was also a first grade teacher. And for those who are or understand teachers, it is an ALL ENCOMPASING thing.
At the end of my first year teaching, about two and a half years into blogging / instagramming and somewhat of my coaching career. I knew I had to make a choice. It would either be teaching for the next few years and I would lose sight of the social trends or I would hop on the social media/ instagram/ coaching train and ride it out.
Well, those who are following along on my journey now understand that I chose the latter.
I couldn’t BARE to see another second go by that I could be using to research trends or connect with someone or network or go on a trip. I literally physically couldn’t’ take it. So I quit.
The majority of you might be at this point of your side hustle where you don’t want to give a second away from it. Others may just want a completely different job and way of life.
A fun statistic: by 2027 50% of the US workforce will be freelance. FREELANCE. that is 1/2 persons in the US workforce.
This world is changing ladies and gentlemen and if you want to change your life, I would recommend doing it now and creating now before half of the world is doing exactly what you want to be doing right now.

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