Don’t make these 2 influencer marketing mistakes

Okay, WTF. I just saw 2 influencer marketing mistakes you definitely want to avoid. Like if you’re in influencer marketing, you NEED to avoid making these mistakes.

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I have to start out with this because while I know social media “influencer marketing:” is relatively new, I can’t believe what I just witnessed.

I was just scrolling through Instagram and a very well known model was talking about her skincare and a product she loves.

While the product was shouted out and the content had the hashtag #sponsored and #ad, there were a few REALLY IMPORTANT THINGS THAT WERE MISSING!!

  1. The post was not following full FTC (federal Trade Commission) guidelines and
  2. Something SERIOUS was missing that would have helped this influencer generate THOUSANDS of dollars

When I see someone missing out on dolls dolla bills, I just want to scream. That could also be the business coach inside me that is always looking at what can be improved.

Okay so first thing it was missing, was the branded content tag at the top of the IG post.

So Instagram has this new epic thing called “branded content” partnerships where you and the partner you’re working with can mention each other … this is posted basically near the location tag on IG, so it shows up above the post. you’ve probably seen it.

The second TOTALLY IMPORTANT aspect that the influencer MISSED OUT ON for this campaign was an affiliate code.


How will the brand know how many sales they made through said influencer if there is no tracking link or affiliate code?


The influencer can be making thousands off of this affiliate code. Even if she was making 10% of each sale, she has a large audience and could have definitely made a profit.

**Aside from making a profit, this was a huge hole that the brand was missing because if a brand or ANY business for that matter wants to track it’s sales and see what stream is generating the most income, they need to track this shit people.

okay. that’s all for now, I just had to get that out omg.

that’s my 411 on brand partnerships for the day.



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