Be whoever the f*$k you want – don’t let anyone label you

Some of the most wonderful people are the ones who don’t fit in boxes or labels💖::::

I was writing in my journal last night + realized that I had a lot on my mind. And a huge thought that kept coming up + I toy with a lot is “what do I want to do” “where do I want this biz to go?”
I am not one dimensional. I love SO many things + I plan to bring a lot of them to life within my business (don’t necessarily have a plan for all of it yet) but I realized that labels such as “business coach”, “success coach”, – I don’t like these labels … because they don’t define me. I’m a human BEing, sharing my experiences with you in hopes that they might inspire you to take action with your life + live the life of your dreams.
I LOVE chatting business + systems … yet half my students/ clients love me because they say I’m like a “life coach” to them.
So this is a reminder to you that you can be WHO YOU ARE + don’t let labels define you.

You can be competitive + you can be in flow.
You can be loud AND you can be soft.
You can be creative AND you can be in a funk.
You can be the life of the party AND you can enjoy nights in.
You can enjoy dressing up AND you can love sweatpants
Let’s stop with these labels because they’re holding us back from embracing ourselves as a whole
#travelbusinessbabes #ownyourlifeso much love to you,Christy

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