Let’s Do SHROOMS before bedtime

lol lol okay. I mean Reishi mushroom cacao mix by foursigmatic, it’s a unique flavor, but I promise you get used to it.

As someone who has recently (over the past year) gotten obsessed with optimal health for peak performance etc .. + just like, feeling good. I love trying new supplements/ drinks/ eats that can support the lifestyle I want to live.

Truthfully, I have been hearing about Four Sigmatic for like a long time now + figured let’s give it a go.

I didn’t know the cacao mix has Reishi in it, which made me even more excited when I found that out. I’m no scientist so I’m going to share some benefits of Reishi below that were listed on this site


Reishi has the extraordinary ability to support stress by nourishing and calming the central nervous system and promoting relaxation. During Reishi mushroom’s long history, the people of Asia regularly used it for its calmative effects and ability to strengthen the nerves.

For anyone that’s dealing with anxiety and depression, eating foods that support the central nervous system and balance neurotransmitters can be very helpful. Reishi mushroom is one of those foods.

Neurotransmitters control many functions in the body including communication throughout the body and brain, and they affect every cell, tissue and system in the body. Depression, anxiety and other mood disorders have all been linked to neurotransmitter imbalances. The four major neurotransmitters that are thought to regulate mood are serotonin, dopamine, GABA, and norepinephrine.

Neurasthenia is a condition often associated with depression, anxiety or emotional stress. It’s characterised by physical and mental exhaustion with accompanying symptoms such as lassitude, fatigue, headache, irritability and depressed mood. It’s considered very similar to chronic fatigue syndrome. This condition results because of the exhaustion of the central nervous system’s energy reserves mostly attributed to modern life.

A study of 132 people with neurasthenia found a significant reduction in fatigue and improvement in overall wellbeing after using a Reishi supplement for 8 weeks. (2)

Everyone notices the calming effects Reishi’s provides and its benefits seem to be cumulative, building stronger nerves over the long term and actually changing the outlook on a person’s life.

I hope you enjoy this + find it helpful. let me know if you do in the comments,

Gonna go drink my shrooms now.



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