The Secret to Selling ANYTHING on Social Media: Relationships

Alright. You’ve been posting and posting on social media and have gotten crickets -time and
time again.
You just want people to comment on your posts, DM you, visit your blog, by your product –
But it seems like NO ONE is even watching. I’ve been here and MAN is it frustrating.

“What the heck am I doing wrong???”
“All these people are getting huge engagement and I’m over here getting excited about a few
“The algorithm is just against me”

Let me let ya in on a liiiittle secret…. The algorithm isn’t against you, you just need to tweak a
few things and you’ll be there.

This is where New Wave Relationship Marketing comes in.
New Wave Relationship Marketing is the 6 pillar framework that shifts your focus from posting to
just make sales and to focusing on building relationships with your followers so they buy
anything you are selling to them.
In short, it is your ability to emotionally connect with your audience to make them want to buy
whatever you’re promote. Master that and people will FLOCK to buy whatever you’re selling.

First, know that you do not need a huge audience to makes tons of money on social media.
Relationships are what sells products – focus on building relationships and sales will come.
The main benefits of New Wave Relationship Marketing:

  • Increased engagement on social media profiles
  • Fast track to becoming a memorable brand on social media
  • Growing an audience full of people that are interested in what you’re talking about &
  • A tribe of people ready to buy anything you’re selling or promoting
  • Building a community of people willing to buy from you FOREVER – not just once

Sound good to you??? Let’s hop into the 6 pillars of New Wave Relationship Marketing for more
and get you GROWING & SELLING like crazy:

  1. Mindset
    I know, I know. You hate the mindset stuff but it’s a huge shift in order to change the game for
    your social media strategy.
    Here are a few key relationship marketing mindset shifts:
  • You are here to make connections. Every comment, every DM, every like is an
    opportunity to connect. Be real, be authentic, be true to who you want to be! When
    people like you as you, they are much more likely to take action on what you’re
  • Every new follower is not just another tick mark to get you closer to your goal. They are
    a real human that might read your blog, buy your product, or support you. You do not
    need a huge audience. Does it help? Yes. But money can be made with just a few
    hundred followers.
  • You are no longer posting to the masses. You are posting to one person. You are
    posting with a single person in mind as if you’re talking directly to them. BE PERSONAL!
  • This is a long term game. You aren’t just trying to get a few people here and there,
    you’re trying to grow a loyal tribe. You would rather have 100 loyal people that will buy
    everything you promote than 1000 people that might buy something once. It may not
    happen overnight but it’s worth it.
  • You are here to serve your audience. You need to give more value and information for
    your specific audience before you can expect getting in return – GIVE > GET. Listen to
    their needs and create content fto serve them.

In short, remember that everyone on the other side of the screen is human. Create content as if
it were a conversation. Start with a heart centered mindset around social media, not a money
centered one. That’s where the money will come naturally.

  1. Aligned Values
    You need to make sure that your personal values are values that your target audience aligns
    with too!!

Let me tell you a quick story…
I started as a sustainability blogger and yes, I love the Earth and I am all about doing things and
making sacrifices to protect it butttt I like baby steps. Gradually getting to be stricter as you go.
Starting small and every little change makes a big difference when repeated time and time
But my audience wanted me to be WAYYY stricter than what my values were. I had people in
my DMs alllll the time saying that I shouldn’t drive anywhere, I can’t use pencils because the
erasers don’t biodegrade, and lots of things that were beyond what my current efforts were.
And that’s okay!! But my values were not aligned with my audience’s values and it was a huge
barrier to my selling success and my enjoyment of blogging! (and a main reason that I switched
gears in my online business)
So just make sure you first know what your personal and business values are and then find the
audience that also believe in those things too! It will help you grow a loyal tribe faster and not
burn out in your endeavor!
Whether this be sustainability or health or wanting to travel – find what your long term goal and
your baseline motivations are and then find your tribe that aligns with those.
This is the first step to be able to relate to someone in order to build a relationship with them –
you need to have the same values!

  1. Consistent Branding
    Have you ever followed someone on social media and the style of their photos are so consistent
    that you don’t even need to look at who posted it and you just know? THAT’S THE GOAL!
    Branding allows people to do two things:
  • Associate you with a color, style, symbols, mood, or feeling
  • Think of you throughout their day when they see a similar color or style
    How relationships grow is through repetition. It’s like dating!
    You meet someone. You hang out. You hang out again. And the relationship keeps growing.
    If you can keep your branding consistent throughout your social posts, your website, your IG
    stories, and anywhere else your audience sees you – then people will soon think of you
    whenever they see things similar to your branding. And the longer you’re on someone’s mind,
    the more memorable you are!!
    But don’t be fooled, branding is much deeper than just color and fonts. The secret to memorable
    branding is to have a consistent mood or feeling you’re evoking in everything you do!
    You want people to know what to expect from you and what to connect to about you! Your mood
    or feeling is also correlated with your personality! You don’t want your style to be incredibly bold
    and colorful if that isn’t your style. Stay consistent with yourself to allow you to stay consistent in
    all aspects of your brand.
    The colors and fonts catch the eye – the mood or feeling capture the heart.
    Incredibly cheesy, but incredibly true.

So think: what mood or feeling are you trying to give people? Find that and stay consistent with

  1. Give them Value
    The days of just posting your coffee and your cat and your current Netflix binge are OVER.
    At least if you’re wanting to sell to people, you need to first give them something.
    It’s the psychological rule of reciprocity: give to them and they automatically want to give back to
    Create content that teaches them something. Create content to solve the problems they have.
    Create content that they can immediately apply to their life.
    If you can entertain, motivate, or teach someone something, it automatically gives you authority
    and builds trust. Authority and trust is what sells in the long run.

So give them a DIY, a favorite recipe, a workout to try, niche specific tips and tricks, or whatever
your audience wants to hear from you!
But stay in the bounds of what your audience wants to see!
Don’t know what they want to see? ASK and active listen to their ideas!
Once you create content that helps your audience and build authority and trust, it allows them to
better connect to you. It allows them to put you in a space of an expert that they can talk to
about what they need help with. It allows them to put you in a space of an expert that they want
to BUY from!
Giving value in your social media content is truly magic to build relationships and sell. Give it a
shot and watch psychology do the work for you!!

  1. Personable Communication
    Remember, human to human communication! This is where the sales happen.
    People buy from people they know. People buy from people they like. People buy from people
    they trust.
    REMEMBER THAT! First they need to find you. Then they need to attach to your personality.
    Then you need to build authority in order for them to trust you.
    Then they are in your corner and ready to buy. Now it might sound easy but it’s a complicated
    process. Here are a few ways to fasttrack the relationship building process:
  • Create content talking to a single person. Instead of talking to the masses. Use words
    like “we” and “you” instead of “you all”.
  • Create content talking directly to problems and pains your audience is having. This
    allows them to feel like you can empathize with them. It makes them want to reach out to
  • Prompt them to comment on every post of yours! Not just “comment below” but “Do you
    relate to this? Tell me your story below”. Give them something to talk about and then
    RESPOND to EVERY comment!
  • 80% of DMs to businesses and bloggers go unanswered. Don’t be that person. Respond
    and help them! DMs is where sales happen!
  • Use voice messages in the DMs! It’s an easy way to put a personality behind your
    Posting on your feed grows your audience. Your stories and videos grow trust and connection.
    Your DMs is where the sales magic happens.

Be personal, give a shit about the other person on the other side of the screen, and lead with
your heart!

  1. Create Community
    This is where the crazy growth happens!!
    Everybody wants to be a part of something. You are trying to get them to connect to your
    message and feel welcome to ask questions and communicate! And not just you but other
    people that follow you too!
    People don’t always have friends that are into the same things they are and they are always
    looking for people to communicate on passions with.
    Give them an outlet to do this!
  • Make a Facebook group
  • Host a challenge for them to communicate with each other
  • Start an online forum for them to co-create with you
    You are just giving them a place to not only communicate with you, but EACH OTHER!
    Build a community, give them a name, and facilitate communication with each other! Then
    you’re giving them something they couldn’t have gotten without you!

Okay, now you have this loyal tribe of people ready to buy, now what??
Now you have to give them an offer that solves their problem. Don’t be afraid to ask what they
are going through. Give them an offer. Don’t be afraid to try something and see if it works. But if
you find or create the right product or service for your loyal tribe, they will buy.
And not only once – again and again and again.

That’s it:

  • Have a heart centered mindset.
  • Make sure your values align with your audience’s values.
  • Have consistent branding so people remember you.
  • Create content for your audience’s needs and that gives them value.
  • Create content centered around speaking to ONE person not a group of people.
  • Have personal communication with people that reach out to you.
  • Give them a community to attach to too!

If you focus on cultivating relationships, no algorithm change can impact your success!
Get out and start TALKING TO STRANGERS ON THE INTERNET! (sorry mom)


Author: Madi Giordano

Bio: Madi is the Owner of HIVE Social Media, Founder of the New Wave Relationship
Marketing framework, and the Host of the Small Business Growth Podcast. She has been
bringing her whimsical, high energy & strategic mind into the social media coaching space fo rabout 6 years now! She’s wildly passionate about helping small businesses flourish and
believes that social media is the best tool to do this.


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