Tulum, Mexico

Hotel: Agusto Beach (Yurt Style) Agusto Beach is for those who enjoy simple living and travel lightly. A Drinking : Coco Loco     Hotel: Playa Esperanza Beach Club Esperanza Beach Club has the cutest accommodations! The cement foundation is topped off with a straw roof and mesh netting to cover any of the openings … Continue reading Tulum, Mexico


Interview With Renee Roaming

Hey Renee! Thank you so much for taking the time to be with me today 🙂 So about three months ago I was having lunch with a few other bloggers and I was expressing frustration about expressing my true self on Instagram and I felt that I had to choose either adventure or luxury, but … Continue reading Interview With Renee Roaming

Serenity found on Cape Cod

I stumbled upon a book that came highly recommended by a family friend. This book was called "Gift from the Sea". Now, being a blogger, you would think I'm good with words..well not always.  This book put into words how I feel about Cape Cod. I have felt, for years, a warmth, an inner peace … Continue reading Serenity found on Cape Cod

2 Weeks in Costa Rica

The summer after college I had the urge to go somewhere new, somewhere different. I honestly didn't really care where- I just wanted to get away. I did some research and talked with a few friends about a volunteer organization called IVHQ and ended up going abroad to volunteer with them. I found the cheapest flight … Continue reading 2 Weeks in Costa Rica

12 Day Adventure Guide to Montana/ Wyoming

  My two friends and I booked a ticket to Kalispell, Montana in late March thinking "what the hell- let's go on a trip". We all have wanderlust in our blood and we were ready for an adventure. July 16, 2016 we were dropped off at the airport with our luggage, bear bells and a plastic baggie … Continue reading 12 Day Adventure Guide to Montana/ Wyoming