Knowing When To Say ‘No’

So for the majority of my life I have been a people pleaser, and to some extent I still am. But there was something in me one day, one year that snapped and I decided I had to stop. I was exerting so much energy towards things that I didn’t even want to be doing … Continue reading Knowing When To Say ‘No’


I Overcommitted, Now What?

#Truth behind blogging is that as a one man brand, you wear multiple different hats. You are your content creator, editor, planner, trip advisor, negotiator and sales woman all at the same time. January came along and I hit the floor running. I had just come back from Mexico, had several photos to go through … Continue reading I Overcommitted, Now What?

Serenity found on Cape Cod

I stumbled upon a book that came highly recommended by a family friend. This book was called "Gift from the Sea". Now, being a blogger, you would think I'm good with words..well not always.  This book put into words how I feel about Cape Cod. I have felt, for years, a warmth, an inner peace … Continue reading Serenity found on Cape Cod