Chlorophyll- My New Obsession

Ummm.. ok so hear me out.. Chlorophyll. Yes, the stuff that is in plants. About two months ago, one of my favorite travel bloggers, Travel In Her Shoes, posted about a plant based skin care regimen from Bio Clarity. Being super curious, I ordered the skin care product right away. I thought 'why not try … Continue reading Chlorophyll- My New Obsession


My Favorite Smoothies

Hey guys! Like I was talking about in my latest post - I am working on 'detoxifying my life'. Instead of going for EVERYTHING at once, which is slightly overwhelming, I have decided to go for one thing. This one thing for me right now is getting back in my gym routine and healthy eating (because … Continue reading My Favorite Smoothies

March Madness

In my opinion, March is the longest month EVER. This wouldn't seem to be a problem if I weren't in the profession that I am. I am a teacher which means march is the month of NO BREAKS. Nothing. Nada. 31 straight days of school, kiddos, and stress. March is also my birthday month. However, … Continue reading March Madness