How To Run A Business Profile

With the new algorithm, having a business profile is crucial if you want to grow an audience and a build community. Now, I’m not saying you NEED to have one, but it definitely helps track your stats and your most popular time to post which, as we know, helps with engagement. The first thing to … Continue reading How To Run A Business Profile


I Overcommitted, Now What?

#Truth behind blogging is that as a one man brand, you wear multiple different hats. You are your content creator, editor, planner, trip advisor, negotiator and sales woman all at the same time. January came along and I hit the floor running. I had just come back from Mexico, had several photos to go through … Continue reading I Overcommitted, Now What?

New Algorithm- 3 ways to Improve your engagement

Yup. It's true the algorithm has changed again! I know, I know, I keep thinking this is going to hurt Instagram too and Instagram is going to die off. But WRONG. I have been doing a lot of reading and speaking with other bloggers/instagrammers about the algorithm and I want to share with you the … Continue reading New Algorithm- 3 ways to Improve your engagement